Bank of Trade and Commerce

One of the most important Bank of Lybia with international environment, chosed our solutions for all the office space.

According with Diamond Engenering Studio, we realized 7 floor of offices for more than 8.000 square meters with all our main products: Tecna solid wood and Tecna double glass with venetian blind all hight, are the partitions for all the offices.

Executives desks with different materials and finishing, selected to create a customized environment for each single office in a unique integrated space, declined on modern and classic items.

Identity with veneer finishing and Kay4 with melamine and frosted glass are the selected items; Xeno Manager and Sedicininoni Lux for middle managements; open space with all the solutions of Sedicinoni for operative desks.

Bank of Trade and Commerce is one of the most point of reference in Benghazi after the war, an architectural raise that inspire the market for all the new offices of Banks. 


Bank of Trade and Commerce



Benghazi, Libya


End use




Diamond Engenering Studio


Covered Surface

8000 mq


Supplied products

Tecna solid wood; Tecna double glass with venetian blind; Executives desks; Xeno Manager; Sedicininoni Lux; Sedicinoni

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