Manasser Group Headquarter

The Manaseer Group comprises of 13 subsidiary companies that effectively cover a wide range of sectors such as food industries, gas and lubricants distribution, industrial chemicals, fertilizer manufacturing, international trading, warehousing services, scrap recycling and reprocessing, cement and ready mix production, steel manufacturing, crushed stone production and our new factory for brick production which together employ over 3.000 individuals. Tailor made project realized with Tecna solid wood and Tecna double glass, with PVB film to reach high level insulation for meeting room and main Executive offices. 

All different type of offices (Executives, middle management, chiefs department, employs) have a special layout design to make connection between spaces friendly and reserved.   

More than 10.800 square meter offices divided on 6 floors, this building is one of the most recognizable meeting point of the City. 

Mac (Modern architectural Consultants) is the leading Architectural Firm that realized the project with our Technical office.


Maneseer Group



Amman, Jordan


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Mac-Modern architectural Consultants


Covered Surface

10800 mq


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Tailor made project

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