Ministry of Justice

Realized in 2013 based on project of Qatar Foundation, Ministry of Justice represented one of the biggest challange in production for our Company.

Thirty-four floors, 30,000 square meters of office space produced and delivered in 3 months.    

All the partitions were realized with Tecna wood, assembled with rock wool inside and with special coating on the roof and on all sensible parts, in order to reach for each office 41DCB of insulation.

All the executive offices with Xeno Manager and Sedicinoni S2 Lux were designed with different and customized measures, in order to leave exactly the same free space to each office.

All the operative offices (Sedicinoni S1-S2) were fixed with different and customized shapes for each floors.


Ministry of justice



Doha, Qatar


End use



Covered Surface

30,000 mq


Supplied products

Tecna wood; Xeno Manager; Sedicinoni S2 Lux; Sedicinoni S1-S2

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