Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome

Light, Color, Harmony, Nature, Flow, Water, Animals, Waves... words that in the mind of a child, as well as in that of an adult, can bring calm and comfort. These concepts formed the basis of our vision of the hospital's reception area, which we were able to implement by proposing winding, modular and flexible products. In order to honour this vision we also custom designed pieces which sought to create "happy" environments. In choosing both bright and light coloured upholstery, we were able to make the hospital environment less gloomy.

The remodelled floor space is roughly 2,300 square feet and includes forty exam rooms of different sizes and uses, furnished with Aira chairs in white polypropylene for patients, and for healthcare professionals, Zero7 office chairs in fireproof mesh.

There is also a waiting room over 600 square meters with more than 300 seats and chairs, largely composed of Privée sofas, poufs and modular upholstered benches that were custom designed and modelled on our Base seating system.

The administrative reception areas also include custom designed elements, such as counters with undulating lines that were created to bring forth images of waves upon the sea.



  • Modular Privée sofas and custom-made sofas for the large waiting room
  • Fireproof and easily sanitizable upholstery
  • Aira chairs in white polypropylene and colored furniture in the exam rooms
  • The Aresline representatives worked alongside designers in order to create new custom-made furnishings, and also worked together to make modifications to suitable pieces already present in the catalog


Pediatric exam rooms and waiting areas



Rome, Italy


End use

Reception, waiting room, exam rooms and administrative desks



Studio Cartolano


Surface prepared

2,300 sqm


Seats provided



Supplied product

Privée, Base custom, Aira, Zero7, furnishing


Year of completion


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Technical Data


 2,300 square meters composed of a waiting room, exam rooms, blood collection rooms, administrative reception and administrative offices, snack area, and service areas.


supplied products

Privée, Base custom, Aira, Zero7, furnishing



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