Musée Océanographique

This exceptional museum, opened in the early 1900s and dedicated to all the marine sciences, is a masterpiece of  monumental architecture, with a majestic facade overlooking a sheer 85-metre drop to the sea. The lower floors down to  sea level, which cover an area of 2,000 square metres, are reserved for science research laboratories; the famous films  of the ocean by Jacques- Yves Cousteau (“Captain Cousteau”) are continuously projected in the rich backdrop of the  Conference Room with its exceptional acoustics. 

The room is furnished with 250 Papillon chairs with special scratch-resistant feet that protect the precious wooden floor. The distinctive features of the chairs, which are easily folded and transported in purpose-built trolleys, make the  large hall multifunctional and perfect for other purposes.



  • Papillon chairs with special scratch-resistant feet that protect the precious wooden floor. 


Oceanographic Museum Conference Room


Monaco, Monte Carlo

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Conference Room

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