African Development Bank (AfDB)

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is a non-profit financial institution that works to assist the economic development and social process of African countries. The group is formed of both African and European, American and Asian countries. The AfDB was founded in 1964 and comprises three entities: the African Development Bank, the African Development Fund (ADF) and the Nigerian Trust Fund. The mission of the AfDB is to fight poverty and to improve living conditions on the African continent through the promotion of public and private capital investments in projects and programs that contribute to economic and social development. The AfDB is a provider for African governments and private companies that invest in the 78 member countries. The functions of the organisation include providing loans and capital, technical assistance in the public and private sectors, assisting countries in implementation and coordination of local policies and more.



Headquarters, African Development Bank



Abidjan, Ivory Coast


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Royale, Link, Naxos, Papillon, Trendy, Fonology Airgraf


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Solution on demand

Aresline came up with a solution on demand  and designed three different types of the same seat model: one with a retractable mechanism inside the thirteen steps of the motorised telescopic grandstand; one that is fixed to the floor but still removable; a fixed one installed on the part of the fixed grandstand into which the entire stepped platform system is retractable.



The seat technology is designed to be completely compatible with the sophisticated system of the telescopic grandstand.



The room is converted in just a few minutes, using a remote control, from a stepped auditorium with over 490 seats to an open space.


Design and Details

The custom-designed seats are integrated perfectly into the setting through the use of precious finishes. The extra-comfy padding and the writing table with a screen print of the client’s logo are an important feature.

Technical data


5,200 seats


installed products

Royale, Link, Naxos, Papillon, Trendy, Fonology Airgraf



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