Il Fiore di Botta

With its unique geometry and volume, this imposing building clad in exposed bricks reveals and makes the architect’s strong design identity instantly recognisable. Inside, a large skylight illuminates the central agora, overlooked by the  balconies of the four floors arranged with classrooms, laboratories and offices to accommodate 3000 people including  students, teachers and administrative staff. 

Almost 20 meter high, the complex is spread over 34 thousand cubic meters, plus an underground parking lot for 500  cars. Its 55 halls are divided into classrooms (tiered or flat) and laboratories (chemical, computer and morphological  observation labs), for a total of 2,000 and 750 seats respectively. As for the interior design, Botta has provided some  guidance on the materials to be used, for example the type of wood, finishes and colours, so that everything would be  attuned to the design of the architectural complex. 

  • 55 classrooms between lecture halls and laboratories, furnished with Ares Line products including Evolution.
  • The architect Mario Botta, in addition to the design of the building, has also provided advice on finishes and materials used for the interiors for aesthetic completeness.


Biology and Biomedical Building “Il Fiore“, Padua University


Padua, Italy

End use

Classrooms, Laboratories


Arch. Mario Botta

Supplied seats


Supplied products

Omnia Evolution, Woody, Zero7, Zero9

Year of completion


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tel. +39 0445 31 49 31



Punti di forza

Technical data


3000 people between students, teachers and
administrative staff.

supplied products

Omnia Evolution, Zero7, Zero9 

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